Thank you

I want to sincerely thank all of you for making this blog and the pinata supply co website fun to work on.

The site is no longer available.

I will leave this blog intact for the foreseeable future but I will not be making any more entries.

Thanks again!

The Pinata Master


YouTube Pinatas

Enjoy these pinata partiers!  Let me know if you add your own!

Trying to hit the piñata:

Indoor piñata party – great fillers:

Grandpa breaks piñata:

Funny piñata attack:

Pinata party at orphanage:

SpongeBob Pinata party:

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Los Posada Procession Song

There is a terrific website which has the words and the music for the Los Posada procession. Instead of copying an pasting it from that site, I want to direct you to it. If you want to know about this tradition. It’s a great place to start!

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What is Los Posada

I have found many sites explaining in great detail the celebration of Los Posada. Therefore, this is a cursory explanation.

Los Posada remembers the hardships the Mary and Joseph had on their way to Bethlehem. There is a procession every night from December 16 through December 24. In this procession, there is usually a small child representing Mary and a small Child representing Joseph. If possible, Mary is on a donkey and the rest of the people in the procession are dressed as the 3 magi, shepherds and shepherdesses. This process goes to several houses and knocks on the door. At the door there is sung exchange. The words can be found in the next post or at the following link:

In summary, Mary and Joseph are asking for lodging and are turned away. Some references say that they are turned away from 2 houses each night and the third house will let them enter.

The house which they enter always has a crèche or a nativity scene. After some prayers in the area of the crèche a party takes place. A star piñata is often used during this party to represent the star that led the wise men to the Christ child.

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Piñata song for Los Posada

Verse in Spanish
En las noches de posadas, la pinata es lo mejor, y los ninos mas alegres le pegan con gran fervor.
Refrain in Spanish
Dale, dale, dale, no pierdad el tino, Mi de la distancia, que hay en el camino. Que si no le das, de un palote pino, porque tienes cara, de puro pepino.
Verse in English
On the nights of Las Posadas, children laugh and try with all their might, to win the bright pinata’s treasure, they swing and swing all night.
Refrain in English
Dale, dale, dale do not lose el tino, Turn around and fin it on el camino. For if you should miss it with palote pino, you will feel as foolish as pure pepino.

¡Dale, dale, dale! ¡arriba… abajo! ¡duro…duro! ¡rómpela…rómpela!

(hit it, hit it, hit it! Up…down! harder…harder! break it… break it!

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Gift certificates

My bosses are looking at the website and discussing the possibility of offering gift certificates. Personally, I think that this is a great idea. However, I was stumped when asked how the gift certificates would work. Should they be for a piñata or for a certain amount? Should they bundle the mini piñatas with them? Should shipping be included in the gift certificate?

Let me know – If you were to give a gift certificate for Piñata Supply Co, what would it be for?

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

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I know, I should never talk about politics, religion or money. Bear with me as I make some observations on the political piñatas which were ordered.

Let me start with saying that I, personally, am glad that the election season is finally over. If it wasn’t for the Olympics, I would have been tempted to unplug the TV for the year.

Having lived abroad, I am aware of and grateful for the many great things about this country. I am proud to be a US citizen. We have so much. I do not know, nor do I want to know who won your vote. I am just so glad that we have the opportunity to vote with secret ballots.

Back to the topic at hand. We did get lots of orders from the unannounced political piñata sale. However, the sales were not what we expected. The orders either had “The Man” piñata or they had an order of both a donkey and an elephant. I thought that this was very strange. I expected to get lots of orders for either the donkey or the elephant but not both. My political piñata party was canceled so please let me know what you are doing with these piñatas. I really want to know.

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

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