How to Make a Piñata

The first topic is one that I am asked often. How do I make a piñata?

Whether you are a young person or young at heart, making a piñata is really fun. It is also a wonderfully messy process and you will need to use sharp instruments. Please do not do this without the supervision of an adult and the approval of the person whose space you are going to get messy. Send me photos of your piñatas. I want to see your masterpieces!.

Instructions: How to make a piñata

Step 1) Decide what your piñata will look like when it is finished. This will help you choose the correct supplies to get the right results.

Step 2) Blow up a balloon. This balloon will be the base for the piñata. The bigger the balloon – the bigger the piñata. It may be fun to blow up some little balloons to use as legs, noses etc.

Step 3) Please proceed to an area that is really really easy to clean AND cover the entire area with old newspapers. After you have done that, take the left over newspapers and tear (do not cut) them into strips about 1 inch wide. (You want to tear them so that the finished project is smoother)

Step 4) Put some flour into a bowl – about 2 cups and add water until it makes a paste.

NOTE: I have seen measurements for both 3 cups and 1 ½ cups of water on the internet. I don’t really use a measuring cup. I like the consistency to be like soup. Some people like the consistency to be like stew. Just remember that the more watery the mixture, the longer it may take to dry.

Step 5) Saturate the strips of torn newspaper with the flour paste and put them onto the balloon(s) one at a time until the balloon is completely covered.. I usually dunk the strips into the paste and then use my fingers to get off extra paste. (I am also covered from head to toe with paste by the end of the process.) IMPORTANT – do not use more than 3 layers of newspaper or the piñata will be very hard to bust.

Step 6) Let the newspaper covered balloon dry for 24 hours while you go shopping for crepe paper, tissue paper, feathers, glitter, paint , eyes and anything else that you may want use to decorate the piñata.

NOTE: I always do my shopping for the decorations while the piñata is drying because it is a VERY long wait for the piñata to dry. Many children of all ages (myself included) do not like to wait. I think shopping that it makes the waiting period go much faster.

Step 7) After the balloons dry, paint the entire balloon a solid base color with quick drying paint. I use tempura or poster paint. This will let the final product look much better.

Step 8) While the paint is drying lay out all of the fun decorations that you will put on the piñata and make a plan for decorating it.

Step 9) Decorate the piñata!!!! I really cannot help with this part. It is totally up to you. (If you used glue for your decorations, you will have to wait a day for it to dry before filling the piñata.)

Step 10) Cut a hole in the top of the piñata which is 2-3 inches in diameter. Fill with candy, coins, toys or any other appropriate filler. Replace the part that you cut out and secure with tape or glue.

NOTE: If you are converting the piñata to a pull string piñata or talking piñata, you will need to do so at this time.. Directions for inserting the talking device or using the pull string conversion kit can be found on the FAQ page of this site.

Step 11) Play the piñata game or the pull string piñata game!

HINT: If you do not want to get as messy as I do in steps 5, 7 and 9, you may use a large bowl to hold the piñata for you.

HINT: I would also encourage you to do this project without an event in mind so that the creativity of the process will not be inhibited by the event’s theme or time frame. This way there is no pressure – only fun. See you next time!

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

Next topic: History of the Piñata


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