History of the Piñata Part III – Today

This is the final installment of a series about the history of piñatas.


Piñatas have expanded beyond the traditional shapes and the traditional holidays. Piñatas come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors to accommodate the theme of any party. Companies like Piñata Supply Co will custom build a piñatas for special occasions. From trains to princesses to dinosaurs, piñatas are popular and more versatile than the pin the tail on the donkey as a party game.

The most common times that I see piñatas game played in the US are for Birthday parties, Cinco de Mayo parties and La Posada parties. (La Posada parties take place during the 9 days preceding Christmas.)

Don’t limit yourself to birthday and traditional holidays when thinking of piñatas. They add fun to all parties for both children and adults. I have seen piñatas used at beach/pool parties, showers, graduations, political rallies, divorce parties… The list is endless.

I recently watched a playoff hockey game at a friend’s house. There was a piñata representing the other team. We had a great time beating up that piñata during the game. When it finally burst open, there were mini hockey pucks and Stanley cups inside. How fun!

It is great to see the innovative ideas that people have for using piñatas as decorations. Many people choose the mini piñatas as favors or decorations for a specific event. It is becoming common to have piñata centerpieces which are raffled off at fundraisers or become a special take home prize for the guest to use at their next party.

Some people use piñatas as everyday decorations. For example, the pull string train piñata which was the highlight of my nephew’s last birthday is now a decoration in his bedroom.

Tell me about your piñata party or piñata ideas I will try to post them.

Next topic: Piñatas as symbols

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