History of the Piñatas Part II – the Americas

Here is part II – the Americas!

From Europe to the Americas

Missionaries are credited with bringing the tradition of the piñata to the Americas. However, several historians are quick to point out that the Aztec and several other native American cultures had similar traditions.

The common theory is that because the missionaries were familiar with European piñata usage, they saw the similar traditions as an opportunity to teach about Christianity. The traditional star piñata is a great example:

The missionaries used the traditional star piñata to teach about sin: The bright colors on the piñata represented the beautiful mask that the devil wears to entice you to sin. The star has seven points which represent the seven deadly sins. Missionaries had people strike at the representation of the devil with a stick which represented virtue. When the devil and the sins were overtaken the good things would rain down from above. This would teach that God would rain down blessings or rewards for keeping the faith.

Some historians credit the competitive Mayan culture with adding the blindfold. Others claim that the blindfold represented the faith because faith is blind. I think that it adds a lot of fun to the game. This is why I had the people at Piñata Supply Co put a free blindfold in with every purchase.

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