Piñatas as Symbols

Due to the missionaries using piñatas as a teaching tool when the Americas were discovered, there have been many symbols associated with piñatas and the piñata game. With the possible exceptions of Los Posadas and the first Sunday of Lent, the symbolic nature of the piñata is rarely pondered today.

Since we have been examining Piñata history. I will explain some of the symbolism. If you would like to add to this discussion, contact me!

  • The bright colors which are often used to decorate the piñata refer to the beautiful forms that evil, sin and temptation cloak themselves in.
  • The blindfold can symbolize faith. Many define faith as believing without having seen.*
  • The piñata buster has been associated with the power of God. I have also read that it also is associated with virtue.
  • The filler represents God’s blessings or the host and hostess’s good wishes for their guests.
  • The breaking of the piñata symbolizes the defeat of Satan or the end of evil.
  • I have read that the piñata itself signifies hope. The idea is that because the piñata is hung over the participant’s heads, the people must look to the heavens the source of hope. I think that this is a less common symbol

The specific design of the star piñata has a different meaning depending upon the holiday:

For Los Posadas, the star piñata stands for the Star of Bethlehem guiding both the wise men and our souls to the infant Jesus.

For the first Sunday in Lent, the star piñata is a symbol of the devil, the 7 points on the star represent the 7 deadly sins: pride, anger, envy, greed, laziness, lust and gluttony.

Next posting: the derivation of the word piñata

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