Derivation of the Word “Piñata”

This is the Piñata Master and I have researched this topic many times.

Each time I keep coming back to the same 2 answers.

Answer 1) Some historians say that the word piñata was derived from the Italian word ‘pignatta’ which means fragile pot. Remember that when Marco Polo brought the tradition back to Europe, they used fragile pots often made of clay for their piñatas.

Answer 2) Others say that the word piñata comes from the Latina word ‘piña’ which refers to a cluster of flowers or “pinus” which means pine. Either of these also make historical sense. When the clay pots were decorated with pieces of paper and flowers, they would resemble a pineapple or pine cone.

What is interesting about this is how much history one can glimpse from looking at the origin of the word. If you are curious bout the history of the piñata, please check out my previous blogs.

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Next topic: Fun twist on the pull string piñata game – courtesy of my sister


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