Pull String Pinata Game with a new twist!

My sister is a very creative person. She always has the perfect solution to every problem and it seems to come very easily to her. She will deny it but it’s true.

Last year when my nephew turned four in December, he really really really wanted a Train piñata for his birthday party. I was more than happy to find a train piñata for my nephew BUT I thought that this would create two problems. First, this was certainly an indoor piñata party. (I think that its cold in Illinois in December.) Second, the age of the party goers was between three and five.

(Don’t misunderstand. I love children. I think that children should have as much fun at their piñata parties as possible. I just do not think that it’s a good idea for small children to play with a piñata buster – especially not indoors. Too many opportunities for accidents.)

The obvious answer to both of these problems is to have a pull string piñata party. This is exactly what my sister did. However, she did not have the children pull the strings one at a time as is customary for the pull string piñata game. What if the first person pulled the correct string? The game would be over and not everyone would get to take their turn. (Taking turns was very important for this group.)

Instead, she had the children sit in a very small circle. She handed each child one string of the piñata and told them to wait to pull it. When everyone was ready. They counted to four – it was a fourth birthday – and everyone pulled on their own string at the same time. It was great. On four, the trap door opened and the candy rained down on all of them at the same time. Everyone was laughing and shouting and got about the same amount of candy.

Because a buster was not used, the train piñata survived the party. It is now a favorite decoration in my nephew’s bedroom.

What happened at your piñata party?

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

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