The Mini Piñata Scavenger Hunt

I love to do scavenger hunts. I like the challenge provided in trying to find the next item or location and I like the challenge of trying to leverage the talents of everyone on the team. It’s always great fun.

I know about two types of scavenger hunts: the one where each clue leads to another clue and the one where you have to find certain objects faster than the other team. In the interest in keeping these short, I talk about the second type first.

Find the Objects Scavenger Hunts:

The usage of mini piñatas in the second type is fun and obvious. It also can be used with children as well as adults. In this particular game, I would suggest that each team be given a theme such as fantasy, patriotic, Christmas, zoo animals, pets etc. The list can be as long as you have teams. The winner is the first team to find all of their mini piñatas before the rest of the teams find theirs.

Before the party get the same number mini piñatas for each theme. Make a master list of the correct piñatas for each theme and then hide the piñatas – everywhere. Remember to hide things high and low and in plain sight.

When the teams are gathered, give each team their theme and appoint a judge. If the teams are younger children, give them the list of the piñatas that they should find. If they are adults, just give them the theme and number of piñatas to find. They should enjoy the extra challenge out whether or not the mini that they have found belongs on their list.

Start the hunt!

When a team thinks that they have the correct piñatas, they must go to the judge who will check against the master list. If the piñatas are correct, then the team wins. If not, they must put the incorrect piñatas back where they found them and then find the correct piñatas.

Please let me know about the variations that you have had on this theme!

The Piñata Master

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

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