Solve the Clue Scavenger Hunts with Mini Piñatas

This is the second in a series about scavenger hunts and mini piñatas. In the last entry I gave my ideas for Find the Object Scavenger Hunts with mini piñatas. Now I will be writing about my personal favorite type of scavenger hunt.

Solve the Clue Scavenger Hunts

It is not uncommon for the last place team to be given the task of preparing the next scavenger hunt. This does take quite a bit of preparation.

The objective is to be the first team to arrive at the piñata party with all of the clues!

In this hunt, all of the teams will encounter the same mini piñatas. Each mini piñata will either be sitting on or be stuffed with a clue or directions to the next mini piñata. The last mini piñata will send the team to the party.

I really enjoy solving puzzles so I encourage using the clue method. Clues can be anagrams, connect the dots, crossword puzzles, riddles – anything that the team that took last the previous year can devise.

As an added challenge, I like to change the type of mini piñata with each clue. So perhaps the first mini piñata was a zebra. The next clue will not only tell you where to look but that you are looking for a race car mini piñata (perhaps at a garage.)

I have been told that some people have a mini piñata for each team at each station. These piñatas hold the clue inside and have to be broken open. That is a bit of a struggle as mini piñatas are not designed to be easily broken into.

Please let me know about the variations that you have had on this theme!

The Piñata Master

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

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