Traditional Pinata Game

Before you play the game, be sure that you have hung the piñata in a location where no people or objects could be hurt by the swinging piñata buster.

Line up the players out of the range of the piñata buster.

As each player takes his or her turn, they are blindfolded, turned around 3 times and then given the piñata buster.

Each play may take 3 swings at the piñata before it is the next players turn. Often the other players are either singing the piñata song or they are giving the person swinging at the piñata directions such as “to your left” or “swing higher!” Sometimes the directions that the other players are giving to the person swinging the piñata buster are accurate and sometimes they are meant to confuse.
If you want to make the game more challenging, you need to hang the piñata with by throwing a rope over a tree limb or some other high object. Do not tie off the other end of the rope. Instead, use it to move the piñata while the players are taking their turns. I think that this is the most fun option.

When the filler is released, the player with the buster lays the buster down before all the players swarm in to grab their share of the filler.  (Additional filler may be tossed so that everyone can get their share.)

Have fun!

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

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