The Piñata Song.

My internet research has revealed many different versions of this song. I will put one here and post another one next month.

I have found several versions of this song which are very similar. I am posting two here:

Version A

Puta, puta, puta.

Agachate un poco

Y te lo meto por el culo

Si me lames un coco

Ya te lo puse una,

Te lo puse dos,

Te lo puse tres

¡Y por el ano yo te doy!


Hit it, hit it, hit it

Don’t lose your aim

Because if you lose it

You will lose your way.

You have hit it once

You have hit it twice

You have hit it thrice

And your time is over now!

Version B

Dale, dale, dale, no perdas el tino,
porque si lo perdes, pierdes el camino.
Esta piñata es de muchas mañas, sólo contiene naranjas y cañas.”


Hit, hit, hit.
Don’t lose your aim,
Because if you lose, you lose the road.
This piñata is much manna, only contains oranges and sugar cane.”

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

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