Piñatas as Gifts

I have gotten a few questions lately about giving piñatas as gifts. These questions generally fall into two categories: appropriateness and how to choose the perfect piñata gift.

Appropriateness is an interesting question. It is always appropriate to give a piñata as a gift. What is not appropriate is to expect the host or hostess to be able to change their party plans to use the piñata at the party. A gifted piñata usually is used at an upcoming event such as Los Posados, Cinco de Mayo or another annual piñata event. It is rarely used at the party where it was gifted because it adds stress to the host or hostess to spontaneously add an event to a well thought out evening.

Having said that, I often will give a piñata as a gift to be used during the party that I attend. I manage this because I offer a piñata as a gift when I RSVP to the invitation. If the host or hostess is receptive to the offer, I have the piñata delivered (with filler) in advance of the party. I also offer to help hang the piñata and supervise the piñata game.

When thinking about the appropriateness of the piñata as a gift ask yourself these questions:

1) How familiar is my host or hostess with the piñata parties?

  • If they are very familiar and frequently have piñatas parties. Give piñatas as often as you like. They will know exactly what to do with them.
  • If they are not familiar with the piñata or piñata parties, offer to send the piñata in advance and supervise the piñata part of the party.

2) What type of party are you attending?

  • Ask yourself, do I want to get down on the floor to grab the filler in the outfit that I will be wearing to the party? If the answer is no, then perhaps the piñata should be given for a later event. If the answer is yes, then offer the gift in advance.

In summary, remember 1) do not to add stress to your host or hostess by surprising them with a piñata and expecting them to change their plans and use it immediately. 2) consider the type of party you are attending and 3) consider the level of familiarity that your recipient has with piñatas to determine how to gift it.

How to choose the perfect piñata is a great topic for the next blog.

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

Next topic: How to choose a piñata


One Response to “Piñatas as Gifts”

  1. Priyanka Says:

    Gifting a game set up is a very interesting idea! Good tips.

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