Pinatas are NOT violent

I was recently sent to a website that implied that piñatas foster violence. I read many of the testimonials about violent acts that occurred after piñata parties. I really feel bad for the people and animals who were injured.

I still do not think that piñatas are inherently violent. They are inanimate. I also do not think that they foster violence any more than the act of breaking open an egg fosters violence.

The problem lies with the presentation of the piñata game and the proper storage of the equipment for the piñata game. To be safe follow these guidelines:

1) I personally would not allow unsupervised access to a piñata buster.

2) I think that children below the age of 6 should be playing the pull string piñata game and not wielding piñata busters. At the age of 6 most children understand that it is wrong to hit people and animals. They also have the motor skills to avoid contact with animals or humans.

3) The piñata game should be presented as a game in itself. Like equipment for other games such as hockey sticks, baseball bats, tennis racket there is an appropriate use and inappropriate use. Teach the young people how to take care of their equipment and there will be fewer problems.

4) Always have at least one and preferably 3 people supervising the game and the equipment.

5) If anyone misuses the piñata buster or refuses to stay a safe distance from the person swinging at the piñata, I ALWAYS make them leave the game. I do not tolerate any instances where there is the potential for harm. Rules are meant to insure fun. If everyone obeys the rules the game is fun for everyone.

I believe that if you act responsibly, you will have a safe and fun piñata party.

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