Pinata Song II

I ran across many versions of “the piñata song”. At the moment, I am going to post 3 of them.  The next piñata song will be posted in December because it is related to Los Posada.

The first piñata song that I posted was the most common one.  I found several versions of it.  I choose the one that I thought was the most complete.

I think that this piñata song is a really fun song to sing while the piñata game is going on.  I do not think that it has any historical significance.  It’s just fun.

Piñata Song
tune: If you’re happy and you know it

A piñata can be so much fun to break (clap clap)
A piñata can be so much fun to break (clap clap)
Everybody tries and tries
With a blind-fold on their eyes
Till CRAA-AASHH! (spoken) down
falls a wonderful surprise.

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

Next topic: How to use piñatas for advertising


One Response to “Pinata Song II”

  1. Farra Says:

    Hmm … you fill candy or toys in pinatas or people who order pinata, fill them in it ???


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