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Thank you for your question.

Your question was: “Hmm … you fill candy or toys in piñatas or people who order piñata, fill them in it ???

Short answer: Piñatas are usually not sold with filler in them.  Piñata Supply Co does sell filler.

Long Answer:  I think that finding the filler for the piñata is one of the most fun aspects for a piñata party.  I was just at an Indian Jones piñata party for a 6 year old.  In addition to the candy, toy spiders snakes and skulls fell out of the piñata.  This was incredibly fun for the boys who were attending the party.  I think that I heard more comments about the toys that fell out then the candy.

Advice: Go to a craft store or a party supply store to find fun filler.  Craft stores usually have a larger selection of more unique items but party stores have the trendy stuff.

-Piñata Master

PS. Yes I know that party stores sell piñatas. I am not concerned. The quality is usually so inferior to the authentic Mexican Made piñatas that Piñata Supply Co sells. I am not afraid of my boss losing sales.


One Response to “Reply to Comment about Filler”

  1. Chris Moran Says:

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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