How to choose a piñata

I get asked by people everywhere. How do I choose a piñata? Of course I get asked this question because I am The Piñata Master. But I get asked that question so frequently that It makes me pause.

I, of course, have very little problems choosing which piñata or piñatas to get for the party. However, I do this ALL the time. So I had to think really really hard about what my process is. I found that you can ask yourself a series of questions to get the correct answers.

1) What is the budget – no discussion needed here.

2) Where/When is the party being held and how old are the participants? – The answer to this question dictates whether or not the piñata will be a regular, giant or pull string. Please remember that I am a strong advocate of pull string piñatas for indoor parties or parties with children under the age of six.

3) Have my guests been to a piñata party before? If the answer is no, then I usually choose from the selection of traditional piñatas and fillers. If the answer is yes then I go to the next question

4) What is the theme of the party? If the party has a theme or is being held during a holiday, I usually just pick from the piñatas that fit that theme. Piñata Supply Co has links to many of the popular themes. Just scroll down on the left on any page on their website.

5) No theme and the partiers are familiar with piñata parties…. NOW it gets interesting and fun. Now is when anything goes. I like to think of inside jokes or hobbies for the guest of honor and choose a piñata that fits that.

I hope that this gives you a little guidance. If you fall into that last category, please let us know what you did at your piñata party! Remember – you may always ask The Piñata Master

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

Next topic: How to change any piñata to a pull string piñata


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