Piñata filler does it have to be candy?

I know, I know, candy is getting a bad wrap right now. Thus the question. So does the piñata filler always HAVE to be candy?

I think that I have mentioned in previous blogs that finding filler is one of the most fun aspects of planning a piñata party. So yes, you can skip the candy and fill it with other fun things. – Well, if there’s not a little bit of candy in there, you may find some very disappointed players.

Some cautions first.

1) Please remember that the filler will fall out of the piñata. Please do not fill the piñata with fragile or easily breakable objects. This creates disappointment and a mess.

2) Please remember that the filler falls out of the piñata on to the ground and that the inside of the piñata is not clean. So do like they do in the Hidden Valley Ranch commercial and make sure that anything that you put into the piñata is well wrapped. I think that they stuffed the piñata with wrapped veggies in the Hidden Valley commercial. Not my first choice but obviously it works.

Some suggestions for choosing filler:

1) What is the theme? If it’s dinosaurs or animals, you can pick up tiny dinosaur or animal toys to fill the piñata. If it’s treasure or pirates put fake coins and jewels in the piñata. If it’s a pool party, how about using those toys that grow in the water. My nephew just got a set of dinosaurs that started out as little pills but expanded in the water. Use your imagination OR use my imagination-you can always ask me.

2) When there is no theme and candy is not an option – Well I would go with toys for children. I think that super balls are fun to put into a piñata because they bounce and scatter nicely when they fall out. Tops, whistles and small action figures are great fillers for children.

Toy cars and jewelry are good for all ages.

Adults are a little more difficult to please. I have seen riddles, gift cards and personalized gifts put into piñatas for adult parties. Usually there is a theme for the adult parties so follow the theme.

I think that the number one rule is to have fun with it. Don’t think about what you cannot have but think about what you can have. Go to a hobby store and walk the aisles. You will be amazed at all of high quality tiny things that you can put in the piñata. My sister even found paint sets that are small enough to fall out of a standard piñata.

Go on your treasure hunt – you never know what you might find!

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!


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