Having problems breaking the piñata?

This is from the newsletter.

There is a post on the website about a Baseball piñata being difficult to break. Of course, we do not want the piñatas to be too easy to break but too difficult is also not good. This led to me doing some –very fun – research. The results are these tips:

1) Please hang the piñata high. The place where the piñata is hung is very weak and it will break off when hit from the top. Try to hang the piñata high enough that the players will hit the piñata on the sides or bottom.

2) Piñata busters and broom sticks tend to work better than baseball bats because they are thinner and create holes more easily. Baseball bats do work. Just really really hit hard.

3) The place where you fill the piñata is the weakest point. If you are having a piñata party for children, You may want to fill from the bottom. This way the fill point will burst open more easily. If you are having a piñata party for adults, fill from the top and give them the extra challenge.

4) It’s supposed to be fun! You can always decide that it’s time that the piñata bursts,. Have the master of ceremonies stop to “inspect” the hole that the last player made. During this inspection the master of ceremonies can rip it open from that spot. It takes a little bit of acting but it works very well.

Don’t forget that you may always get great Mexican-made piñatas at Piñata Supply Co!

Next topic: How to Fill the piñata


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