Pull String Piñata – Who goes first?

Who goes fist?  Well there’s a few answer to that question:

Traditional Game Order: In the traditional piñata game, people take turns hitting the piñatas starting with the smallest and then onto the tallest or biggest. Often the person being honored at the party goes first then the order is smallest to biggest/tallest.

Traditional Pull String Game Order: I have seen the same method for the pull string piñata game. It starts with the guest of honor and then goes from the littlest to the biggest. This is a very good method of figuring out how who goes first.

Noncompetitive Pull String Option: I have also seen all the people grab a string a pull at the same time. This way a cascade of filler is dropped on the count of three. Everyone contributes and everyone is happy. This is a good option for a noncompetitive atmosphere.

Competitive Pull String: As the winter months are closing in, people are looking for more competitive options for the pull string piñata game. This includes partiers who are old enough to use a piñata buster but are having an indoor party where the buster would not be safe to use. Many feel that they need to find a way to spice up the comparatively tame pull sting game. I have two suggestions:

Option 1: Get a mini piñata for each of the participants. Either number the minis on the outside or put a number in side of them. Before the party hide the minis throughout the party area. As a prelude to the pull string piñata game, have the participants find a mini piñata. The number in or on the mini piñata will determine the order in which the participant gets to pull the string on the pull string piñata.

Option 2: Have two or three other party games such as pin the tail on the donkey or egg races. The winners of the games will be given numbers. For example, the winner of the first game will win the number 1, the winner of the second game will win the number 2 etc. When it is time for the pull string piñata game, have the winners pull the strings first. The rest of the order can be determined by height or by pulling the rest of the numbers out of a hat.

I hope that these options help make your pull string piñata party a success!

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